Urban Africa

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Lets get back to the real roots..



A different turn of events,
New trends of fashion and culture.
African norms disguised,
Others despised.
In the fight to emulate,
The white man.

Long adorable clothes,
Turned short and skimpy.
Respect for elders,
Turned fear of old age.
The beauty of African trends,

They used to say we were illiterate,
They used to say we lived in a bush,
They used to discriminate against us,
They always despised us,
They have something against,
Something we don’t yet know.

To their surprise,
We did as they expected,
We started copying them,
We tried to speak like them,
We dressed and walked like them,
We saw them as gods,
White and perfect.

We went to bars to get drunk,
Not to socialise.
What happened to beer parties?
Greeting became unknown to many,
Respect for elders forgotten.
As we fought to fit,
In Urban Africa.

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YORO is uglish for YOLO

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I am not sure whether it is the times in which I have grown up and the ideals that were popularized during my youth, or that we have always battled with these internal struggles regardless of the era, but too many young people seem to be torn between two paths of life. One path involves possessing an inordinately acute awareness of the fleeting nature of life and how suddenly one can cease to exist, thus promoting notions of spontaneity and ‘living life to the fullest’. In it’s most reductive form, this philosophy can be condensed into one universal four-letter acronym: “YOLO”. Of course, this is an extreme description. Most people jump onto the YOLO wagon only occasionally, usually on the weekend, or when life seems like it has lost all meaning, or has become too much of a burden to bear.

The second path is the one that taunts these…

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Reverse Universe

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“Everything You Can Imagine Is Real” – Pablo Picasso


In this universe of ours, there are things that we consider the norm and the accepted way of life. A child is born, they look ugly, they cry, they grow up, become better looking along the way, then they become a nuisance to the society. They then grow too big headed to live with their parents so they move out, meet another grown up parent-deserter (usually of the opposite sex) and start a family. Then they too bear children who also go through the same process and end up populating the world without changing too many rules. Occasionally there are rules that are bent to the point of breaking but overall, this is the way the human race has been able to survive from time immemorial.


Children turn into rebellious young humans before also ageing 

The other day while I was seating at Javas waiting for a friend to pass…

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