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If you do not SPEAK or WRITE well, then you most certainly are dead. Here’s why.

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“If you can’t communicate in this world, you most certainly aren’t alive”

The CHRONICLES of Eristaus

If you do not SPEAK or WRITE well, then you most certainly are dead.
~ Onyait Odeke

Life depends on being able to communicate and better still, communicate effectively. From the time a baby is born, it attempts to communicate in various forms and when they learn to talk, you sometimes want them to shut up for just a second. The premise for my assertion is that life depends on communication and us being able to understand each other. Communication is either visual or auditory. In the course of your life, you will receive instruction (verbal or written) you will be required to interpret it and then react to it based on the instructions given.

In school we are required to write exams or present or defend a case or an argument in class all of which requires that you speak or write well. When you see that girl who…

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How to Know When It’s Okay to Quit

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It’s Ok to Quit…

The company you keep determines your accomplishments

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Good words of wisdom from a friend..

Don’t Fear Criticism; Ask for It

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“To avoid criticism, do nothing say nothing be nothing” ~ Aristotle

The CHRONICLES of Eristaus


“To avoid criticism say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.” ~Aristotle

As long as you are breathing, you are going to be criticized in one way or another. Actually if you are not being criticized at all, you should be very worried. If even the dead are criticized, who are you?

A colleague once told me that “Criticism is the breakfast for Champions”. but Criticism can be very hard to appreciate sometimes. As human beings, we wouldn’t be happy if someone criticized us in any way. The go to response is that the critic has something against you. You would then shun them and regard them as your enemy or people who don’t want you to be happy or succeed.  Criticism is not easy to take in any form but it may save you way better than sugar coated applause and approval.

“Let me never fall into the vulgar mistake…

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When is a job absolutely necessary?

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If you know how to make money doing other things you enjoy then why continue doing the things you don’t enjoy…

Entrepreneur Life 101


By: Skyler Johnstone

I will tell you when a job is not necessary, when you already have one. Most of you already have proven ways to make those sought after clams. Let me ask you this however, what is your opportunity cost and how much are you giving up in exchange. What is opportunity cost you might ask well not only do I have an article about it but I will tell you again.

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Social Media cost me a job.

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Have A Policy That Governs Your Social Media Activities..

Futures Past

Let me break it down the way I know best. I got my current job through a friend that I met on Twitter. Back in the day, I used to be a ‘Facebook buff’ but one thing led to another and I opted to concentrate on other platforms. There is a debate that never seems to have an ending because of the nature of how people argue or discuss it. Should I be worried about the things I post on my social media platforms?

We often argue that these platforms are our ‘personal let-out zones’ but lately, it looks like we are no longer free to post whatever we once enjoyed to share with our friends and followers. It all began with Facebook shares, then came Twitter Retweets and so on and so forth.

I am more interested in the part where social media platforms have become an interview panel…

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Are You Investing?

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Realistic Approach To Investing..