Month: June 2015

Raise your standards

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More beautiful words from a friend…hope it inspires us to raise up from the ordinary


Many a time, we complain about the way different people treat us, we wonder why we are constantly losing jobs and friends, we worry about our spending habits, we continuously worry about problems which we cause due to our ignorance or excessive pride. And in such moments, we wonder if we are useful in society, we take bets on our own lives and most times, we lose.

Not many self help solutions lie around waiting to be used, and some of this stuff, no one will take you to class to acquire it, it’s only common sense, or rather rare sènse easily acquired.

Raise your standards, by this, I mean you should change your ways, do the things you think you must be doing, get it out of your thoughts into action, if you can think it, I believe you can do it. It all begins with an active imagination…

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