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If you do not SPEAK or WRITE well, then you most certainly are dead. Here’s why.

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“If you can’t communicate in this world, you most certainly aren’t alive”

The CHRONICLES of Eristaus

If you do not SPEAK or WRITE well, then you most certainly are dead.
~ Onyait Odeke

Life depends on being able to communicate and better still, communicate effectively. From the time a baby is born, it attempts to communicate in various forms and when they learn to talk, you sometimes want them to shut up for just a second. The premise for my assertion is that life depends on communication and us being able to understand each other. Communication is either visual or auditory. In the course of your life, you will receive instruction (verbal or written) you will be required to interpret it and then react to it based on the instructions given.

In school we are required to write exams or present or defend a case or an argument in class all of which requires that you speak or write well. When you see that girl who…

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your name’s on the bottle, your identity isn’t…but what’s inside?

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Enough said..


I am not going to piss into anyone’s can or bottle of soda, and certainly not on the brilliant marketing campaign that the Coca Cola company is running right now.

This is the ‘Share a Coke‘ campaign we’re all talking about, in which people are putting their names on cans or bottles of Coca Cola…or, to be accurate, Coca Cola is putting people’s names on cans and bottles.

I had ignored the campaign as I subconsciously do most of these things, but last week found myself at the checkout till of the Nakumatt Oasis where the lady taking my money tried to kick off a strangely familiar conversation with me but failed because she called me “Daniel.”


“Isn’t your name Daniel?”

“No. Why?”

“Eh-eh! So why have you bought this?” she asked, pointing at the bottle.

It clicked, I laughed, and then told her to finish her job so I could…

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Urban Africa

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Lets get back to the real roots..



A different turn of events,
New trends of fashion and culture.
African norms disguised,
Others despised.
In the fight to emulate,
The white man.

Long adorable clothes,
Turned short and skimpy.
Respect for elders,
Turned fear of old age.
The beauty of African trends,

They used to say we were illiterate,
They used to say we lived in a bush,
They used to discriminate against us,
They always despised us,
They have something against,
Something we don’t yet know.

To their surprise,
We did as they expected,
We started copying them,
We tried to speak like them,
We dressed and walked like them,
We saw them as gods,
White and perfect.

We went to bars to get drunk,
Not to socialise.
What happened to beer parties?
Greeting became unknown to many,
Respect for elders forgotten.
As we fought to fit,
In Urban Africa.

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