Month: January 2015

Dealing with unplanned pregnancies.

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It isn’t the end of the road..


We have all heard the stories of the various incidences of how people we know have gotten pregnant without planning for it. I will of course refresh your memory with a few. Oh I got drunk and the rest of the night is a blur but woke up in your bed. I was proving i loved him so slept with him and he insisted no condoms. And there is the condom developed issues when we were in action…and so on. So of course for the wise the morning after is a first resort.

Then the waiting starts; first you feel tired and a bit nauseated but you have answers you are worried and anxious, then your  sleeping pattern changes you are going 10hours instead of  8hours and you still have an explanation workload is killing you. Then your periods are late by a week and you dig up that once…

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