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The Dos And Don’ts At Work

Naive Ugandan

Recently I attended a retreat organized by my place of work . It was rather one of those I attended because I was expected to be there. And I was also thrilled to be away from Kampala (yes lovely place but can ‘suffocate’ you). Retreats are organized for various reasons but I will not go into details of why we had a retreat. The sessions (Yawns), where on earth do some of these speakers come from? Very boring sessions except for those when we had to group up. I was in a group of very hilarious fellows, always cracking jokes at any chance they would get.

At the beginning of the retreat, we had someone come and ‘officially open’ the retreat, he is a gentleman that I respect. He was trying to tell us about ‘work ethics’, the ‘dos and don’t s’ at places of work. Are you kidding me?…

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