Month: October 2014

The company you keep determines your accomplishments

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Good words of wisdom from a friend..


Ugandans, re-arrange Ebola to spell opportunity

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Proudly Ugandan..


Please bear with the ebolised focus; this disease is like that. It takes over your mind, your every waking thought, and you eventually succumb.

But before it kills us all, you guys need to get up and smell the handwash detergents. Ebola can be spelt O.P.P.O.R.T.U.N.I.T.Y.!

Seriously, guys, stop whining and dying and pay a little bit of attention here because there is serious money to be made doing the following:

1. For Ugandans, start with the fact that we kicked Ebola soundly out of the country many years ago and proved that we are the most bad-ass at kicking Ebola’s ass (you need to use Americanisms like that because the main target market for what we are about to start selling will be the Americans). Get the entire world talking about how seriously we handled the disease the first-time round so that the world looks at us with a seriously newfound…

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Yellow Pigs or Employment?

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“What can we do to help you give us?”



Today I woke up to yet another story of the yellow pigs parade in Kampala. This is the third time pigs painted in yellow are being dropped at different spots in Uganda’s capital since June this year when two youth, Norman Tumuhimbise and Ronald Mayanja beat the security at Parliament letting in two yellow painted pigs. Just last month, the same group of youth who prefer to refer to themselves as the “Jobless Brotherhood” claimed responsibility for second edition of the yellow pigs parade on Kampala Road near the seven billion KCCA leisure park, when they hand-cuffed themselves and walked to the central police station and asked to be detained. I have no doubt that the same group of young people are behind today’s edition of the yellow pigs stunt at Makerere University.

Pigs are known to be greedy animals which eat anything and everything they come about…

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The Power of a Dream

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It always seems impossible till it’s done..


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The Dos And Don’ts At Work

Naive Ugandan

Recently I attended a retreat organized by my place of work . It was rather one of those I attended because I was expected to be there. And I was also thrilled to be away from Kampala (yes lovely place but can ‘suffocate’ you). Retreats are organized for various reasons but I will not go into details of why we had a retreat. The sessions (Yawns), where on earth do some of these speakers come from? Very boring sessions except for those when we had to group up. I was in a group of very hilarious fellows, always cracking jokes at any chance they would get.

At the beginning of the retreat, we had someone come and ‘officially open’ the retreat, he is a gentleman that I respect. He was trying to tell us about ‘work ethics’, the ‘dos and don’t s’ at places of work. Are you kidding me?…

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Don’t Fear Criticism; Ask for It

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“To avoid criticism, do nothing say nothing be nothing” ~ Aristotle

The CHRONICLES of Eristaus


“To avoid criticism say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.” ~Aristotle

As long as you are breathing, you are going to be criticized in one way or another. Actually if you are not being criticized at all, you should be very worried. If even the dead are criticized, who are you?

A colleague once told me that “Criticism is the breakfast for Champions”. but Criticism can be very hard to appreciate sometimes. As human beings, we wouldn’t be happy if someone criticized us in any way. The go to response is that the critic has something against you. You would then shun them and regard them as your enemy or people who don’t want you to be happy or succeed.  Criticism is not easy to take in any form but it may save you way better than sugar coated applause and approval.

“Let me never fall into the vulgar mistake…

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