On choosing FOCUS and living with PURPOSE

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The CHRONICLES of Eristaus

“Heeeeey! how are yooooou? Loooong tiiiiiiiime! OMG! where are you nooooow? Me I am with Ministry of Internal Affairs. Ehhh! banange we should hook up over coffee and catch up” – these are the kinds of conversation I normally have with “friends” I have not met in a long time and I still have no conventional answer to the question “Where are You now?

The past couple of years have been about doing everything. I did so many things so that if there was any such thing as a certified jack of all trades, I would definitely qualify.

Portait of Onyait Odeke

That was the phase I like to call the exploration phase. I could do one thing and when I was done doing it, I would realize that its not what I want to do for the rest of my life. I would then jump right onto the next thing. For the past…

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