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Being a Man.

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Being A Man

Futures Past

My grandfather used to say; a man is never a man until he can pay for his own housing.

My father said; a man is never a man until he can pay for his stranded friend’s bill.

I live by a simple code; a man is never a man until he can afford to pay for his mistakes.

Who am I to question my forefathers’ sayings?

Being a man is what they never gave birth to us as.

Being a man is what they never taught us in primary school.

Being a man is what we never chose to study at university.

Being a man is that item our girlfriends, wives or widows forgot to bring back from the shop.

Being a man is what the lady at the bar will never serve me.

Being a man is what my favorite distiller never got around to brew.

Being a man…

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When is a job absolutely necessary?

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If you know how to make money doing other things you enjoy then why continue doing the things you don’t enjoy…

Entrepreneur Life 101


By: Skyler Johnstone

I will tell you when a job is not necessary, when you already have one. Most of you already have proven ways to make those sought after clams. Let me ask you this however, what is your opportunity cost and how much are you giving up in exchange. What is opportunity cost you might ask well not only do I have an article about it but I will tell you again.

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WhatsAppDoc, TwitterDoc, FacebookDoc: The social media Revolution.

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“The future of medical education is no longer blood and guts, it is bits and bytes.” Gorman PJ


“The future of Medical education is no longer blood and guts, it is bits and bytes.” Gorman PJ.

Gorman, a Stanford University scholar made that statement almost one and  a half decades ago at the turn of this century. He also went on to predict a future highly driven by technology; breaking physical and geographical barriers and building a connected world in medicine, education, entertainment and all other spheres of our lives.

As I go about my life each day; Never far from my laptop, mobile phone in hand, a tablet while on the move and WiFi hot spots at every turn, there’s no doubt that we are living in the future earlier predicted.

Image 5.2        Image 5.1

Social media and messaging platforms like Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp have, by far, generated the greatest transformation in global communication.

With over 20 million mobile phone users and over 6 million people…

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Reverse Universe

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“Everything You Can Imagine Is Real” – Pablo Picasso


In this universe of ours, there are things that we consider the norm and the accepted way of life. A child is born, they look ugly, they cry, they grow up, become better looking along the way, then they become a nuisance to the society. They then grow too big headed to live with their parents so they move out, meet another grown up parent-deserter (usually of the opposite sex) and start a family. Then they too bear children who also go through the same process and end up populating the world without changing too many rules. Occasionally there are rules that are bent to the point of breaking but overall, this is the way the human race has been able to survive from time immemorial.


Children turn into rebellious young humans before also ageing 

The other day while I was seating at Javas waiting for a friend to pass…

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Social Media cost me a job.

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Have A Policy That Governs Your Social Media Activities..

Futures Past

Let me break it down the way I know best. I got my current job through a friend that I met on Twitter. Back in the day, I used to be a ‘Facebook buff’ but one thing led to another and I opted to concentrate on other platforms. There is a debate that never seems to have an ending because of the nature of how people argue or discuss it. Should I be worried about the things I post on my social media platforms?

We often argue that these platforms are our ‘personal let-out zones’ but lately, it looks like we are no longer free to post whatever we once enjoyed to share with our friends and followers. It all began with Facebook shares, then came Twitter Retweets and so on and so forth.

I am more interested in the part where social media platforms have become an interview panel…

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Are You Investing?

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Realistic Approach To Investing..